Who I Am

My name is Eric Morrison, and I am proud to be a Democratic candidate for the Delaware State House of Representatives, for the 27th District, in the Newark/Glasgow/Bear area. 

I grew up in the small Sussex County town of Bridgeville. In 1992, I graduated as valedictorian from Woodbridge High School. I am a proud lifelong Delawarean, except for a year and a half living just across our northern border in Pennsylvania, during which time I continued to work in Delaware.

My lower middle-class parents worked hard—my father as a laborer and my mother as a hospital registrations clerk—to provide a life and future for my brother, themselves, and me. Looking back, I often shake my head, smile with pride, and say, “I don’t know how they did it.”

Regardless of the academic or extracurricular activities in which I wanted to participate, no matter the financial or time investment, my parents always made it work. They told me repeatedly that I didn’t have to attend college, but if I chose to do so, “We will find a way.”

My parents instilled in me the value of hard work. In fact, I’ve been working since the age of twelve, when I painted houses in summertime. Later, I worked part-time through both high school and college. My parents also instilled in me my strong moral compass—including integrity, honesty, humility, perseverance, empathy, courage, candor, and compassion and concern for others.

In 1996, I was the first person in my family to attend college. I graduated from the University of Delaware Honors Program with an English major, a History minor, and an Advanced Honors Certificate. Also, I was amongst the first class of UD graduates with a concentration in Ethnic & Cultural Studies. In addition, I studied abroad in Europe, a very rewarding endeavor funded completely by savings from my part-time work.

Since 1996, my career path has been a varied one. First, I spent six years as a full-time teacher and tutor—then Assistant Director—for the nation’s second-largest independently owned full-service educational facility. Next, for thirteen years, I worked as a business consultant and a senior business analyst in the field of Medicaid health insurance. For the last three years, I have worked for a bank, first in data governance and now in human resources project management.

Since my youth, I have felt drawn to public service. In grades seven through twelve, that meant student council, volunteer tutoring, and leadership positions in several student groups. In college, that meant volunteer work and leadership roles in various student organizations, including President of a campus-wide LGBT student group.

Since college, I have helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities and organizations, served on the board of Delaware Pride (including three years as President), volunteered regularly for organizations like the Food Bank of Delaware, AIDS Delaware, the Rainbow Chorale of Delaware, and Faithful Friends.

For three years now, I have served on the steering committee of Delaware United, an organization working for progressive political, legislative, and social change. I have organized multiple events educating the community about issues of vital importance to all of us. I have worked diligently for progressive Democratic political candidates, at local and State levels—knocking on doors, phone-banking, writing, and holding campaign leadership positions. I have learned an immense amount about the legislative process and how elected officials can best serve their constituents and all Delawareans—not just in Dover, but in their own communities.

Today, the call to public service has never been stronger for me. Rarely in American history have we so desperately needed bold leadership in elected offices at all levels—from city and county councils, to state legislatures, to the national stage. In recent years, I have learned much about public policy and the need for true public servants in elected offices.

I believe that my character, life experiences, and community service uniquely qualify me to serve my district’s fellow residents, and all Delawareans, as the First State’s next State Representative for the 27th District.